Pride 1

Two years ago, my family and I came back from our first (and so far) only reunion. My younger children had made rainbows that I had hung in my window, until just recently the last one became too torn to stay. We loved them. Every-time we looked at them, it reminded us of God’s promise.

Did I ever think the neighbours/visitors might think we were supporting pride? Well, yes, I did. That thought crossed my mind once or twice.

I had to question myself; by hanging these am I abstaining from all appearances of evil? The answer came with a ready, “Yes!” No one can take from God, and turn it to evil. What good they try to take and turn for wrong, is actually meant for all His saints as a reminder.

Every single time I see that pride flag flown I am reminded of the promise God made- most specifically the clause, “…that, when men should keep all my commandments, Zion should again come on the earth… (Genesis 9:21).

Please remember; the people who fly the rainbow out of pride, are in opposition to God. They are the opposite to humility. This is why it is called, “Pride.” We don’t need to fight for the flag. That’s all a distraction. We need to see that “Pride,” flag and let us remember that that is being flown to remind US to be humble. To remind US to repent. To remind US to keep His commandments.

Brothers and Sisters, when we see that flag, it is our call to remember the love of Jesus, not the love of the world. It is our call to remember His covenant. It is our call to remember to seek Him and turn from our own wicked ways.

Let us let no man, no one, distract US from the true meaning of God’s rainbow.

The adversary wants us to fester in our anger over it, to distract us. He doesn’t want us to truly look at it. He doesn’t want us to pray for those who fly it, with softness in our hearts. He doesn’t want us to look at it and remember that no one can take away what God promised His people. He wants us to look at that flag and seethe.

He wants us to be angry or disgusted with our neighbours for their choices. He wants us to be angry they “took the rainbow,” when in fact, they haven’t taken anything. In fact, they give us a reminder almost every day what the rainbow truly means- and that is the OPPOSITE of pride!

Crystal Lavigne

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